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10th Annual Client Appreciation Crab Feast

The best crabs we've ever seen, handcrafted ice cream from Scottish Highland Creamery, beautiful fall weather, Fisherman's Daughter oysters on the half-shell all contributed to our 10th Annual Client Appreciation Crab Feast being the best yet. And of course the guests were the icing on the cake! Read More...

8th Annual "Trash & Treasures" Shredfest

On Wednesday, May 15, papers piled high once again for the 8thAnnual Shred Fest “Trash & Treasures” event held at the offices of Eglseder Wealth Management Group, Inc. (EWMG) on Commerce Drive in Easton. The spring weather was delightful and community members brought in a record-breaking 8,850 lbs of paper, keeping private information out of the hands of potential identity thieves. Read More...

9th Annual Client Appreciation Crab Feast

The sky was slightly overcast but, thankfully, there was no rain, as we had postponed the event due to the threat of Hurricane Florence in September. In fact, by mid afternoon we had some sun and our 144 guests comfortably enjoyed the day. Scott provided his usual "taxi" service in a 6 passenger golf cart to help escort our guests to and from their vehicles. Chesapeake Seafood Caterers provided...Read more

7th Annual Shredfest Hits New Record

Even with the weather being cloudy and rainy, more than 100 guests attended the Eglseder Wealth Management Group, Inc. 7thAnnual Shred Fest “Trash & Treasures” event on Wednesday, May 16th. A new event record for was set, with 7,695 pounds of paper shredded, keeping financial and personal information out of the hands of potential identity thieves. Read more

Scott Eglseder Chosen as Co-Chair for State Commission

October 24, 2016

Published in the Star Democrat By JOSH BOLLINGER [email protected]  Jul 17, 2016 EASTON — Two Talbot County residents have been appointed to head the Maryland Oyster Advisory Commission. Oysters for the Bay founder Scott Eglseder and Phillips Wharf Environmental Center founder Kelley Cox were named co-chairmen of the 23-member commission, which is charged with providing […] Read more

2015 Toys for Tots & Santa to a Senior drives

December 10, 2015

Busy doing charitable Christmas giving at the office. We got so many wonderful gifts from our clients to donate to Toys for Tots. And this year we are also participating in Santa to a Senior. Read more

2015 Oyster Cage Delivery Recap

November 9, 2015

Our volunteers arrived early on the morning of October 1st, armed with rain boots, rain jackets and smiles on their faces—despite the fact that the effects of Hurricane Joaquin were keeping the Eastern Shore very wet! Read more

Our 2015 Oyster Cage Deliveries are in the News

October 8, 2015

Our 2015 Oyster Cage Deliveries are in the News! Click here to watch the video!

6th Annual Client Appreciation Crab Feast Recap

September 22, 2015

What promised to be a rainy dreary day cleared up 15 minutes before the Crab Feast started and the rain didn’t start again until the last of the guests were making their way to their cars. Read more

4th Annual Shred Fest Event Recap

June 16, 2015

Over 70 guests attended our Shredfest 2015 “Trash & Treasures” event and 5,050 pounds of paper were safely shredded and kept out of the hands of prying eyes or potential identity thieves. Read more

2015 Oyster Pick-Up Recap

June 10, 2015

Oyster Pickups this year were the largest we have ever had! Last year we had 84 growers with 326 cages. This year we had 162 growers who maintained 565 cages! Read more

2014 Oyster Cage Delivery Recap

October 23, 2014

Our 2014 Oyster Cage Deliveries went incredibly well. To all of our volunteers and growers that helped to make it happen! Read more

5th Annual Client Appreciation Crab Feast Recap

October 6, 2014

The weather may have been gloomy, but we had a booming turnout at the 5th Annual Client Appreciation Crab Feast. Approximately 160 guests ate their hearts desire of Maryland blue crabs Read more

Premier Client Only Lecture Series Recap

June 17, 2014

We were happy to start up the Premier Client Lecture Series in 2014. 42 guests attended and learned about tax reduction strategies, commercial real estate investing, and tax-free municipal bonds. Read more

2014 Oyster Social Recap

June 17, 2014

Cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and the company of like-minded folks—it doesn’t get any better than that, which is why our 2014 Oyster Social was so great! Read more

2014 Oyster Pick-Up Recap

June 17, 2014

What amazing results! We planted around 122,000 oysters as a result of the efforts of our growers during this past growing season! Read more

3rd Annual Shred Fest Recap

April 29, 2014

The Eglseder Wealth Management Group, Inc’s 3rd Annual Shred Fest was a tremendous success! Throughout the day we had a huge turnout of people and the atmosphere was definitely a festive one. Read more

4th Annual Client Appreciation Crab Feast Recap

October 14, 2013

This years Crab Feast was another one to remember. The guests overflowed out of the big top tent, the crabs prepared by Chesapeake Bay Seafood Caterers were delicious and plentiful, libations quenched the thirst, and clients demolished 36 pies in record time. Read more